Car icon Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspections are required for:

  • all vehicles, ATVs, minibikes and trailers brought into Nebraska from Out-of-State
  • all Assembled Vehicles and assembled ATVs and minibikes
  • a vehicle, ATV or minibike with a Salvage Certificate of Title when making application for a regular Certificate of Title (title will be branded “Previously Salvaged” and brand will be carried forward on all title issued thereafter)
  • all Applications for Assigned ID Number, [Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for a motor vehicle], including applications submitted for apportioned vehicles. Assigned ID Number Applications for a Hull Identification Number(HIN) for motorboats do not require a Sheriff's Inspection Form
  • all ATVs and minibikes when no title document is surrendered
  • any time the Department of Motor Vehicles or County Treasurer requests an inspection to determine if the vehicle meets the definition of motor vehicle

No identification inspection will be conducted unless all major component parts are properly attached to the vehicle in the correct location.

The County Sheriff conducts vehicle inspections. For information regarding Inspection Station locations and hours of operation, please contact the County Treasurer in your county of residence.

You will be required to produce ownership documentation at the time of inspection. If there is a lienholder or leasing company who has possession of the title document, you will need to contact the County Treasurer in your county of residence so they can request the title from the lienholder or leasing company. The County Treasurer will notify you when the title has arrived and provide a copy of the title for the Vehicle Inspection.

The fee for a Sheriff's Inspection is $10.00.


When Vehicles are Exempt from Inspections

  • applying for a Salvage Certificate of Title;
  • applying for a Non-Transferable Certificate of Title;
  • a Nebraska Certificate of Title is presented;
  • an Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) is presented;
  • a United States Government Certificate of Title is presented;
  • the vehicle will be registered through as apportioned through the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles – Motor Carrier Services Division (exception to this is when making application for an Assigned ID Number or for an assembled vehicle);
  • the vehicle is a cabin trailer;
  • the vehicle is a mobile home;
  • application for title is for a motorboat;
  • the title sought is the first title for a vehicle sold directly by the manufacturer to a Nebraska Dealer franchised by the manufacturer (dealer must complete an Inspection Exemption Certificate)
  • the vehicle was sold at an auction authorized by the manufacturer and purchased by a licensed dealer franchised by the manufacturer of the motor vehicle (Dealer must complete an Inspection Exemption Certificate)
  • trailers that have previously been registered in Nebraska as utility that have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and are now upgrading to commercial, upon presentation of the previous Nebraska registration certificate and as long as no change of ownership has occurred.


The inspection will include a comparison of the VIN on the vehicle with the title presented, as well as examination and notation of the odometer reading. For further information on odometers, refer to Odometer Certification.

For vehicles requiring inspection, but are not physically located in Nebraska, the State Police in the state where the vehicle is located may perform the inspection, but they must use Nebraska Vehicle Inspection Form (NSP455).  Inspections required for issuance of a Previously Salvaged Certificate of Title from a Salvage Certificate of Title must occur within the State of Nebraska; the inspection cannot be conducted by an out-of-state inspector.

After the inspection form has been completed, it must be sent to the address below, along with the required $10.00 fee, for approval:

Nebraska State Patrol
Auto Fraud Division
4600 Innovation Drive
Lincoln, NE 68521

Once the vehicle has passed inspection, a completed and signed inspection form will be given to you. This form must be presented to the County Treasurer along with the  Application for Certificate of Title and:

  • the out-of-state Certificate of Title (properly assigned if the vehicle is changing ownership);
  • the Certificate of Title for the major component part and Bills of Sale for other parts if the vehicle is assembled;
  • the Salvage Certificate of Title if application is for a Previously Salvaged Certificate of Title.

The inspection expires ninety (90) days after the date of the inspection. If the form expires prior to your application for title, you will need to return to the Sheriff's Office for re-inspection of the vehicle.


Questions regarding Vehicle Inspections may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.