Car icon Boat Dealer Trailer Plates

To obtain a Boat Dealer Trailer plate an  Application for Boat Dealer Trailer License Plates must be submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Once the application has been verified and processed the applicant is issued the plate and registration. Applications may be submitted to the DMV by mail or in person and must include the appropriate fee.

First time issuance - $18.10 per plate
(receives plate, registration, December expiration sticker)

Renewal - new plate year* - $18.10 per plate
(receives plate, registration, expiration sticker)

Renewal – other than new plate year - $14.00 per plate
(receives registration and expiration sticker)

Sample Nebraska Boat Dealer Trailer license plate

Boat Dealer Trailer plates are issued for a calendar year and therefore expire in December of the year of issuance. Postcards to remind the dealer it is time to renew are sent out at the end of November.

Boat Dealer Trailer plates are placed on the rear of the vehicle and may only be used for transporting a boat that is part of the dealers inventory.

*New plates are issued in Nebraska every six years. Next new plate issuance is January 2023.


Questions regarding Boat Dealer Plates may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.