ID card icon Driver Training and Testing

Standard License/New Driver Training

  • Driver Licensing Offices

  • Driver Safety School (POP/SCP)

    • DMV Approved Driver Safety Schools (POP and SCP) - The DMV approves and audits schools that provide testing and/or training outside of the driver licensing offices. These Driver Safety Schools teach and test students for the Provisional Operator’s Permit (POP) and School Permit (SCP).

  • Parent Supervised Driving Program

    • The Parent's Supervised Driving Program, is designed to improve teen driver safety by providing parents and guardians with a methodical approach to teaching the requisite driving skills. Each lesson concentrates on a particular sequential skill. Parents are in the best position to help their teens to become safe, smart and skilled drivers. 
  • Driver Education and Training Courses Certified by the DMV

    • DMV approved classes to either prevent suspension, reinstatement, or get a 2 point credit.
  • Driver Training Schools

    • Driver Training Schools are certified by the DMV to teach individuals rules of the road and driving skills.


Motorcycle License (Class M) Training

  • Motorcycle Testing Appointment Information

    • MIT - (motorcycle in traffic) testing will be done by appointment only in certain locations. NOTE: These examiners travel from county to county, you can either contact them at a Driver Licensing Office, or contact the Lincoln office at 402-471-3861 for assistance. (Appointments are not required at other locations)

  • Nebraska Motorcycle Safety Education Sponsors

    • Approved groups that teach beginner rider courses in Nebraska. The motorcycle written and drive test may be waived if applicant can show successful completion of a Nebraska approved motorcycle safety education program within the past 24 months.


Commercial Driver License (CDL) Training / Testing

  • Driver Training Schools

    • Driver Training Schools are certified by the DMV to teach individuals rules of the road and driving skills.

  • CDL Third Party Test Sites

    • Third party testers are companies that are authorized to conduct the driving skills examination for the issuance of the CDL for a fee. These companies must follow all requirements outlined in title 247 NAC, Chapter 8, Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles Rules and Regulations Governing the Certification of Third-Party Testers and Third-Party Examiners for the Commercial Driver’s License. You can view these rules and regulations and obtain a list of third party testers online or by contacting the DMV. Drivers must have a valid CLP and hold for a minimum of 14 days prior to taking a CDL skills test. Skills tests appointments by Third Party Testers must be made a minimum of two days in advance of testing. Applicants who are administered CDL skills tests at a third party tester location should be aware that they may be required to retake the skills tests administered by driver licensing staff or at a later date as part of the DMV audit process. If you are asked to retake the skills tests by driver licensing staff and refuse, the issuance of your CDL may be denied. If you fail the CDL skills tests as part of the audit process or do not appear at the time of audit, your CDL may be subject to cancelation. Third Party Testers that are training schools may administer the CDL skills tests to individuals who have taken training in Nebraska, but are to be licensed in another state.


  • Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT)

    • Beginning February 7, 2022, new federal regulations will require drivers applying for a new CDL,  upgrading class of an existing CDL or taking the hazardous materials endorsement knowledge test for the first time to complete ELDT.  Information and questions regarding ELDT can be found on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website: