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Driver and Vehicle Records

Digital Signatures for Certificate of Title Documents
Nebraska ELT Guide
Nebraska Insurance Reporting Guide - Updated 04-2024
Registration Manual - Updated 8-2015
Title Manual - Updated 8-2015
Vehicle In-Transits - Updated 05-2023


Driver Licensing Services

Drivers License Examiner Policy and Procedure Manual


Legal Services

Index and Summary to DMV Legal Documents
Index and Summary to DMV Rules and Regulations
Administrative License Revocation Hearing Officer Manual Instructions
Administrative License Revocation Information Instructions
Administrative License Revocation Law Enforcement Presentation
Administrative License Revocation Petition for Administrative License Revocation Hearing
Defensive Driving Class Points Revocation
Emergency Vehicles
Reprieve of 15 Year Revocation Application Instructions
Reprieve of 15 Year Revocation Website Instructions
Stop Program Application for Instructor Certification Approval
Stop Program Application for Program Certification Approval
Stop Program Charge Per Violation Memo
Stop Program DMV Policies for Online Stop Class Proctoring
Stop Program DMV Policies for Web based Stop Classes


Motor Carrier Services

Motor Carriers Manual Cover Page
2021-2022 MCS Manual


Financial Responsibility

DMV and Financial Responsibility Index and Summary
Accident Reinstatement Procedures
Affidavit of Dormancy
Annual Indigent Application
Application for Employment Drive Permit - Points
Application for Employment Drive Permit - Support
Application for Medical Hardship Permit
Application for Nebraska Ignition Interlock Permit
Court Reinstatement Procedures
Department of Motor Vehicles Invoice
Driver Education & Training Courses
Installment Agreement - Accident, Default In Payment
Installment Agreement - Unsatisfied Judgement
Letter of Verification Printable
No Proof Reinstatement Procedures
Point Reinstatement Procedures
Release Form for One Two Year Affidavit
Release Form for Property Damage Injury
Release Form from the Parent Guardian of a Minor
Release for No Claim
Statement of Lost License
Written Consent for Release of Personal Information



Guidance Document - Automated Driving System/Advanced Driver Assistance Systems