Tire icon Restricted CDL (RCDL)

A Restricted Commercial Driver’s License (RCDL) held in conjunction with a Seasonal Permit (SEP) allows a Nebraska resident to drive a Class B or C commercial motor vehicle for purposes of farm related or farm related service industry within 150 miles of employer’s place of business or the farm or ranch currently being served. Employees working for the following farm related or ranch related service industries may be issued RCDL’s: Custom Harvesters, Retail Agricultural Outlet or Supplier, Agricultural Chemical Business, Livestock Feeders.

Minimum age: 18


You may request a replacement/renewal in person at any Driver Licensing Office.

  • You will need to present primary identification. 
  • If you need to change or update your address, you will need to present two forms of address verification.

Commercial and Restricted Commercial License Fees

Type of Document Fee Security Surcharge Total
Valid for 5 years $55.00 $2.50 $57.50
Valid for more than 3 years but not more than 4 years* $44.00 $2.50 $46.50
Valid for more than 2 years but not more than 3 years* $33.00 $2.50 $35.50
Valid for more than 1 year but not more than 2 years* $22.00 $2.50 $24.50
Valid for 1 year or less* $11.00 $2.50 $13.50
Bioptic or telescopic lens restriction:
Valid for 1 year or less $11.00 $2.50 $13.50
Valid for more than 1 year but not more than 2 years $22.00 $2.50 $24.50
Replacement $11.00 $2.50 $13.50
Change of class, endorsement or restriction $10.00 $2.50 $12.50

* Licenses, permits and state identification cards must be issued for a full 5 year period unless:

  • license, permit or ID card was issued to an individual who is not yet 21 years of age, but will be 21 years of age less than 5 years from the date of issuance resulting in the license, permit or ID card being valid for less than the full 5 year period
  • license or permit has a bioptic or telescoptic restriction (renewal is required yearly)
  • CDL holder with Hazardous Material endorsement (expiration date is based on date of Security Threat Assessment)
  • the applicant is presenting a USCIS document (the expiration of the Nebraska document will be tied to the expiration date of the USCIS document)