ID card icon Replacement License, Permit and State ID Cards

Get your Replacement Online

Get your replacement online if you:

  1. Hold a Class O (car) license, CDL (commercial driver's license)  Class M (motorcycle) license or State ID Card.
  2. Have not changed your name since the issuance of your last license or State ID Card.
  3. Have not obtained more than two replacements within five years.
  4. Other exceptions may apply, check the online FAQs to find out what those are.

Note: If you need a Learner's Permit, School Permit, or Provisional Permit  you must apply in person at a Driver Licensing Office.


Get your Replacement at the DMV

You can also get your replacement at any Driver Licensing Office

To apply for a replacement Driver's License, Permit or State Identification Card, a resident must submit the following:

  • Download and complete a data form, Class O English Data Form or complete one at the driver licensing office.
  • Acceptable Proof of Identification - Nebraska requires one form of identification that includes name and date of birth to obtain a replacement driver license, permit or State ID Card.
  • Two forms of proof of address (If address has not previously been verified, or if you have moved). Acceptable proof of address may be found at:  Identification/Address/SS Verification Requirements
  • The appropriate License Fees.
  • If applicable, you will also be required to meet DMV vision and medical requirements.

Upon completion of processing and payment of the fee, the County Treasurer or Driver License Service Center (in Douglas and Sarpy Counties) will issue you a 30-day receipt, with driving privileges if appropriate. Your driver license, permit or State ID Card will be mailed to you within 14 business days. If you don't receive your license, permit or ID card within 20 days, contact Driver Licensing Services at 402-471-3861.

Once a replacement document has been issued, the previously issued document is invalid and cannot be used as proof of identification


A replacement license, permit, or State ID Card may be obtained by mail if a resident is outside of Nebraska at the time of application.

Note: If you need a Learner's Permit, School Permit, Provisional Permit, Commercial License or Commercial Permit replaced, you must apply in person at a Driver Licensing Office.

  • A properly completed  Out of State Renewal Data Form is required, as well as Acceptable Proof of Identification and two forms of proof of address. Acceptable proof of address may be found at: Identification/Address/SS Verification Requirements
  • For information regarding fees, refer to Licenses and Permits. Be sure to contact the Driver Licensing Services Home Office in Lincoln, prior to mailing your request for specific questions regarding applications for replacement licenses, permits and State ID Cards by mail and to determine acceptable methods of payment.
  • All applicants for replacement licenses will be required to meet vision and medical requirements.


Questions regarding Replacement Licenses, Permits, or State ID Cards, may be addressed to email or by contacting this office at (402) 471-3861.