Tire icon CDL Testing

Drivers must have a valid Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) and hold for a minimum of 14 days prior to taking a CDL skills test.

At least one-day waiting is required to retest when written or skills tests are failed.

Audio versions of the written tests (except hazardous materials) are available at all driver licensing offices through the state.

Type of Test New License New Resident Renewal
Vision Required Required Required
Written Waived with Valid CLP May be Waived* May be Waived**
Skills Required - Must have valid CLP Examiner's Discretion*** Examiner's Discretion***

*A new resident surrendering a valid out-of-state CDL will not be required to take any CDL knowledge tests or skills tests previously passed (except hazardous materials written test.)
**Nebraska residents renewing their CDL (up to one year expired) will not be required to take any CDL written tests previously passed (except hazardous materials.)
***Skills tests must be taken with a vehicle representative of the class of license the applicant is applying for.


Practice the Written Test

The DMV offers a practice CDL interactive written exam for the general knowledge test as a study guide to prepare you for the CDL general knowledge written test. To obtain a Commercial Driver's License in Nebraska, you will be required to complete a data form, a vision test, and in some cases, a driving skills test.

This practice test is designed to familiarize you with the format of the Commercial Driver's License test on laws and regulations. This exam should be used as an educational tool in conjunction with the Nebraska Commercial Driver's License Manual, NOT as an alternative to studying the manual.

Each question has only one correct answer. The number in parenthesis at the end of each question indicates the page number in the driver's manual where the correct answer can be found.

Start the CDL practice test


Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT)

Beginning February 7, 2022, new federal regulations will require drivers applying for a new CDL,  upgrading class of an existing CDL or taking the hazardous materials endorsement knowledge test for the first time to complete ELDT.  Information and questions regarding ELDT can be found on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website:



CDL Skills Test Appointment Information

  • CDL skills test are administered by appointment only.  
  • You cannot schedule an appointment to take the CDL Skills Tests unless all applicable knowledge tests have been passed and you hold an appropriate Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP).
  • You cannot schedule an appointment to take the CDL Skills Tests unless you have completed Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT).  The Nebraska DMV will verify proof of ELDT electronically. If you previously have held a CDL with similar class and/or endorsements from another state, you must provide proof (i.e. driver’s abstract) to the examiner. Further information on ELDT requirements is available here: https://dmv.nebraska.gov/cdl/ELDT
  • CDL skills test appointment may be scheduled by calling (402) 471-7983.
  • When calling to make an appointment the applicant actually taking the test must be the person calling to make the appointment.  
  • The scheduler will ask for your Nebraska Driver License Number, cell phone number and email address to make the appointment.  You will receive an email confirmation once you have scheduled your appointment. 


Third Party Testers

Third party testers are companies authorized to conduct the driving skills examination for the issuance of the CDL for a fee. CDL third party testers are required to provide a two business day advance notice to the DMV prior to administering CDL skills test to applicants. Please plan accordingly. Find a CDL third party tester.