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The Department of Motor Vehicles is pleased to offer an online service to help licensed dealers streamline the process for title issuance.

Licensed dealers have the ability to submit applications for title electronically through eDMV.  From the comfort of your office, authorized staff may enter the data needed to issue a title, scan and upload the accompanying paperwork (same paperwork requirements for in-office and online submissions), and make payment. 

The option to upload the title application data from your dealer management system is also available to avoid double entry of data.  Dealer management system providers will need the file format for the upload to provide this option; an example file is also available.

Upon successful completion of payment, the title is immediately issued. 

If a lien exists, the title is retained electronically; if no lien exists or the title is for an out-of-state resident the title is printed the following business day at the county treasurer office in the county where your business is located.  You have the option to have the titles mailed direct to the purchaser or request the county to hold the printed titles for pick up by your dealership.

Your customer may visit their local county treasurer’s office to register the vehicle any time after successful completion of payment/title issuance.  The customer will need to present a Form 6; proof of insurance; and, if applicable, a lease agreement, plates and registration for trade-in vehicle(s).

Payment for the titles is handled through an eCheck process; you may pay individually for each title or pay at the end of each workday for all titles to be issued.  You also have the option to enter the eCheck information each time payment is made or to create a payment account to store payment information and simply authorize payment.  A portal fee of $3.00 is charged for each title issued in addition to the $10 title fee and, when applicable, $7.00 lien fee.

How do I sign up?  It is simple!  Email a completed  DAS Enrollment Application to  The following business day a Welcome letter providing the information necessary to complete set up of your account is mailed.  Once the account is set up, you will control how many and which of your staff will have access to process the title applications.

Questions may be directed to or by calling 402-471-3918.