Car icon Cancellation of Certificate of Title

If a Certificate of Title has been improperly issued, the appropriate procedure is cancellation of that title. In instances where cancellation becomes necessary, only the Department of Motor Vehicles has this authority.

It is the responsibility of the dealership, lienholder, insurance company or private individual whose action caused the error, to submit the appropriate request for cancellation and supply the necessary documentation to the DMV so that a determination regarding whether the title should be canceled can be made.

  • A written request for cancellation of the title in question. The request must be correctly dated with a detailed explanation of the circumstances surrounding the error. The letter must include the name and phone number of an individual familiar with the situation who can provide additional information if necessary.
  • The Certificate of Title in question must accompany the request for cancellation. Be advised that:
    • The title MUST be the original title. Duplicate titles will not be canceled if the error occurred in the issuance of the original.
    • If the title has an open lien it must be released on the face of the title by the lienholder. Attached lien releases will not be accepted.
  • Unless the circumstances surrounding the error make it impossible, the request must include proof that the correct Certificate of Title (and registration, if applicable) has been issued.

Once a cancellation has been approved the DMV will notify the appropriate County Official and any other person(s) directly affected by the cancellation. The County Official is then advised to record the cancellation in their office and return the documents used to obtain the incorrect title to the place where the error originated for appropriate action. The title issued in error is then destroyed.

If, after reviewing the circumstances and documentation the cancellation request is denied, notification is sent to the requestor giving them the reason for the denial and advising the best method for correction of the problem. In the event of a denial all documents submitted for review are returned to the requestor.


Questions regarding Cancellation of a Certificate of Title may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.