Car icon Former Military Vehicles

A former military vehicle is defined as a motor vehicle manufactured for use in any country's military forces and is maintained to accurately represent its military design and markings, regardless of the vehicle's size or weight, but is no longer used, or never was used, by a military force.

Application for Certificate of Title is made to a County Treasurer and must be obtained within thirty (30) days of purchase of vehicle.

To obtain a Certificate of Title for a former military vehicle, one of the following documents must be presented to the County Treasurer:

  • Certificate of Title - properly assigned
  • Vehicle's registration and a notarized Bill of Sale if previous state was not a title issuing state
  • Vehicles registered by the U.S. Military:  U.S. Military Registration Document
  • Vehicles sold by the U.S. Government:  U.S. Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle
  • Court Order
  • AND all of the following documents:
    • an Application for Certificate of Title
    • $10.00 titling fee
    • a Vehicle Inspection if required proof of ownership is anything other than a Nebraska Certificate of Title or U.S. Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle.  The exception to this is a Vehicle Inspection is required if your proof of ownership is a Nebraska Salvage title, and you are making application for a Previously Salvaged Title.




Questions regarding former military vehicles may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.