Car icon Submit an Application to Create an Organizational Plate

An organization that meets the following requirements may make application for creation of a specialty plate representing that organization:

  • The organization is a nonprofit corporation or a group of nonprofit corporations with a common purpose.
  • The primary activity or purpose of the organization serves the community, contributes to the welfare of others, and is not offensive or discriminatory in its purpose, nature, activity, or name.
  • The name and purpose of the organization does not promote any specific product or brand name that is on a product provided for sale.
  • The organization is authorized to use any name, logo, or graphic design suggested for the design of the plate.
  • No infringement or violation of any property right will result from the use of such name, logo, or graphic design.
  • The organization will hold harmless the State of Nebraska and its employees and agents for any liability that may result from any infringement or violation of property right based on the use of such name, logo, or graphic design.


Submit Application to Create an Organizational Plate

Download Instructions for Making Application for Creation of a Specialty License Plate Design for an Organization

Applications for creation of a new specialty license plate may be submitted to the Department at any time. Upon receipt of an application the Department will acknowledge the receipt or request any additional required information. Certification or denial of an application will occur within four weeks of submission.

Organizations will be notified of certification or denial.  Upon certification, organizations who do not submit a plate design with their original application will be required to send an electronic version of their design to the Department (design must be received a minimum of 12 weeks prior to submission of 250 pre-paid applications).  Once a design is submitted and finalized, organizations are required to submit 250 prepaid applications from individuals for such license plate design along with one form of payment for the total amount due of $17,500 ($70 per application) in order to initiate manufacture of the plates and to open application for such plates to the public. 

The initial 250 applications must be for the consecutively issued alpha/numeric combinations assigned by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  After receipt of the initial 250 applications and public offering of the plates, plates may be ordered with an available message of the applicant's choosing.