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Deaf or Hard of Hearing Applicants:

The Class O (car) written test is available in sign language at all offices statewide and no appointment is necessary. 


Organ and Tissue Donation

Nebraska Law allows all permit, license or State ID card holders over the age of 16 to participate in organ and tissue donation declaration through the DMV. If a person says yes to organ and/or tissue donation, a heart donor symbol will be placed on the lower right hand corner of the permit, license or State ID Card. The symbol and “Donor” will only appear when an individual elects to be an organ and tissue donor. If a person does not say yes to donation, the area will be blank. The symbol even appears on the cards of minors (between 16 and 18 years old) who support the cause, but a minor’s final decision is still governed by the consent of their parents or legal adult guardians to actually become an organ and tissue donor. The symbol will appear on the lower left hand corner of a minor’s permit, license or State ID Card. This donation must be renewed each time the permit, license or State ID Card is reissued. The donor status may be changed at anytime by applying for a replacement permit, license or State ID Card. A fee will be charged for this replacement. You may also change your organ donor status by contacting the Donor Registry of Nebraska at or by calling 1-877-633-1800. Organ and tissue donation information is available at the DMV at time of application. Additional information can also be requested at the time of application for a permit, license or State ID card by requesting more information be sent or by calling 877-633-1800. Nebraska First Person Legislation allows a person to make the decision regarding organ donation for themselves and does not require additional consent. In addition, a donation made by permit, license or State ID Card, donor card or donor registry cannot be rescinded by anyone after a person’s death. If a person is a donor at time of death, the family will be included in the donation process, but the decision to donate will not require authorization from them. The intent of the law is to ultimately honor the wishes of the deceased. It is important however, to tell your family members that you have decided to become a donor, so they will understand your decision and support it. If you wish to donate $1 to promote the Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness and Education Fund, you may indicate such on your data form and include your donation with your payment.


Motor Voter

The Department of Motor Vehicles offers voter registration to those individuals who are doing so in conjunction with applying for or obtaining any license or permit. If you are not making an application for a DMV license, ID or permit, visit your Election Commissioner or County Clerk in your county of residence or register to vote online.


­Accommodations ­for ­Disabled­ Applicants (ADA)

In accordance with the Americans with Disability Act, the written driver's license examination and the Nebraska Drivers Manual (car) can be made available in alternate formats. Individuals who need assistance are to request this service in advance by contacting the Driver Licensing Services Main Office.