Car icon Repossession Titles

To obtain a Repossession title, the lienholder must submit the following documents to any County Treasurer (refer to the County Officials Listing to obtain contact information for title issuing sites in Nebraska):

  • A Certificate of Title signed over to the lienholder by the mortgagor with the lien released by the lienholder in the appropriate place on the face of the title
  • A $10.00 title fee*




In the event the lienholder cannot obtain the signature of the mortgagor:

  • If the title is in an electronic format, presentation of the title is not required.
  • The Certificate of Title (if previously produced in paper format) showing the appropriately noted, unreleased lien, and a signature in the purchaser area for certifying the odometer.  
  • A properly completed  Affidavit of Repossession (this affidavit is for resident Nebraska lienholders only) on a form approved by the lienholder's state of residence
  • A completed Application for Certificate of Title
  • A copy of the lien instrument
  • A $10.00 title fee*

*Please contact the County Treasurer for information regarding acceptable methods of payment.

If a junior or subsequent lien exists on the vehicle, the first lienholder is required to notify any or all subsequent lienholders by certified mail, return receipt requested. This notification must advise of the first lienholder's intent to repossess the vehicle. The first lienholder and subsequent lienholder(s) should then work out an agreement whereby all parties with an existing lien can obtain whole or partial satisfaction of their liens.

Once an agreement has been reached between all lienholders noted on the title, the title should then be submitted to the County Treasurer for issuance of a Repossession Certificate of Title.

If an agreement cannot be reached between all lienholders noted on the title, a court order compelling the County Treasurer to issue a Repossession Certificate of Title will be required.

For information regarding Repossession plates, refer to Repossession License Plates.


Questions regarding Repossession Titles may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.