Car icon Non-Resident Request for Nebraska Certificate of Title

Non-Residents are defined as:

  • Military personnel assigned to military installations in Nebraska (must present an affidavit to the county official stating that he/she is assigned to a Nebraska military installation);
  • Leasing companies based in a foreign state leasing a vehicle to a Nebraska resident (refer to Certificates of Title – Leased Vehicles);
  • Businesses based in foreign state but doing business that requires vehicles to be housed in Nebraska;

For Non-Residents the Nebraska Certificate of Title will show their foreign address. For information regarding making application for title, refer to Certificate of Title - Motor Vehicle.

Non-Resident Certificates of Title are issued to vehicles coming in from another state as well as vehicles purchased in Nebraska by the non-resident company, business or individual serving in the military.


For procedures regarding the notation of a lien, refer to Lien Notations.

For information regarding the registration of a Non-Resident vehicle, refer to Vehicle Registrations – Non-Resident.


Questions regarding Non-Resident Certificates of Title may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.