Car icon Imported Vehicles

A resident of Nebraska purchasing a new or used vehicle in a foreign county must present as evidence of ownership the following:

  • A Current Registration Certificate;
  • A Bill of Sale;
  • Foreign Country's Ownership Documents (similar to our Certificate of Title);
  • Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) (In Canada the equivalent form is referred to as a New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) and in Europe their similar form is referred to as a European Community Certificate of Conformity).

And the following Import Papers as Proof of Legal Entry:
  • U.S. Customs Form 7501
  • EPA Form 3520-8 OR EPA Form 3520-1
  • DOT Form HS-7

All imported vehicles must have DOT and EPA stickers affixed as evidence of their compliance with U.S. federal equipment and safety standards. The above documentation is also evidence of the compliance. A Vehicle Inspection may be required to verify compliance.

A US Military Base-issued registration does not qualify as proof of ownership unless it specifically states that it also serves as a ‘Certificate of Title'.

For more information on the required processes and the Federal Government Agencies involved in the import of vehicles, visit the US Customs and Border Protection website.


Questions regarding Titles for Imported Vehicles may be addressed by email or by phone at 402.471.3918.