Checkbox icon Letter of Verification Instructions

Instructions to Complete Letter of Verification

Step 1

Insurance Agents/Companies can complete the interactive Letter of Verification. Please be sure to fill in all of the requested information (if not properly completed – we will not accept the letter).

Step 2

After completing the required information, the Letter of Verification must be printed on agency/company letterhead – you can print the letter by using the Print Form button displayed in the upper right hand corner of the letter displayed on the screen.

Step 3

After printing the completed letter – the agent or a representative from the insurance company must sign the letter and indicate the title of their position with the company.

Step 4

Forward the completed letter to the Department of Motor Vehicles by:

  • Mail the completed letter to the Department of Motor Vehicles (the mailing address is listed on the form).
    • If you mail the Letter of Verification - have your insured allow sufficient mail time to receive a letter of clearance from this office (if this is the only reinstatement requirement they need).
  • Fax Letter of Verification to the Department of Motor Vehicles at (402) 471-8288.
    • If you fax the letter, you or your insured will need to contact this office at (402) 471-3985 or check reinstatement requirements/license status from our website to confirm the Letter of Verification was received and completed properly. You will need to allow at least an hour from the time the letter was faxed before contacting us.

Inform your insured that if the letter of verification is properly completed, the Accident Suspension will be withdrawn from their driving record and a letter of clearance will be mailed to them (providing there are no other open suspensions/revocations on their driving record) – this is an overnight process.

If your insured is suspended for a conviction for No Proof of Insurance, along with the letter of verification, your insured will need to submit a "legible" copy of the citation that was issued.