Car icon Junked Title

When a motor vehicle, ATV, minibike or UTV is taken apart, destroyed or changed in a way that it loses its character as a motor vehicle ATV, minibike or UTV, or is no longer the motor vehicle described on the Certificate of Title, the owner(s) of record as shown on the face of the last Certificate of Title must surrender the title to any County Treasurer or to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If the title has been lost, the owner(s) must first obtain a Duplicate Certificate of Title to complete the junking process.

All persons who appear on the title as an owner of the vehicle must sign off on the title as the seller and assign as the buyer, “JUNK”. If there is an open lien noted on the title, permission must be obtained from the lien holder before the owner(s) can assign the title to junk.

Once the title has been assigned to “JUNK”, it must be surrendered to the County Treasurer. The County Treasurer then forwards these titles to the DMV where the junked status is officially noted on the state computer system and the title is destroyed.

The registration certificate, license plates and, if applicable renewal tabs, must be surrendered to the County Treasurer as well.

After a title has been surrendered as “JUNK”, it cannot be returned to an active title status. The vehicle, ATV, minibike or UTV can only be used for parts. While a major component part of a junked vehicle may be used in the construction of an Assembled Vehicle, the title for the major component part has been junked and destroyed and cannot serve as the required title. The owner will be required to surrender a valid title for another major component part used in constructing the vehicle along with a  Parts Vehicle Bill of Sale for the junked vehicle parts.


Questions regarding Junked Titles may be addressed by email or by phone at 402-471-3918.