Front of a Semi-Truck icon Making Changes to My Account

Add Unit(s)

Complete the Additions section of the supplement application. This application must be completed in it's entirety. When required, the supplement may include HVUT receipt ( IRS Form 2290),  title applications, copies of titles, and Nebraska Sales/Use Tax and Tire Fee Statement. All required documentation must accompany the supplement, or the supplement will not be processed and may be returned.

Exceptions to the required documents:

  1. Lienholder sending in title application. If the title application does not accompany the supplement, you must indicate on the supplement whom will be sending in the title information. (i.e. State Bank, Mercedes Benz Credit Corp.)
  2. Copies of applications for out-of-state titles will be accepted provided the vehicle was purchased within the last sixty (60) days. If the application does not contain the purchase date, a bill of sale must accompany the out-of-state title application.

You must complete the area used for jurisdictional weight. If not completed, vehicles will be registered at the weight comparable to the weight registered in Nebraska.

If you cannot provide all documentation for each vehicle on the supplement, it is  recommended those units be deleted so that the remainder of the supplement can be processed.

Change Unit Number or Lost/Stolen/Damaged Plate or Cab Card

When a Nebraska based license plate or cab card is lost or stolen, or you have changed the unit number; you must complete an Application for Replacement Credentials, and send it to Motor Carrier Services with the proper fees.

Replacement Fees

Replace Item Fee
Lost power plate $10.60
Lost power plate & cab card $10.60
Lost trailer plate $11.10
Lost trailer plate & cab card $11.10
Lost cab card only $1.00
Corrected cab card $1.00

Delete Unit(s)

Complete the Deletions section of the supplement application. When a power unit is deleted from the Nebraska based fleet and a vehicle is not added to replace the deleted unit, you may be entitled to a refund of the unused Nebraska fees. You must include the reason for removal from the fleet and provide supporting documentation. Note: Nebraska apportion plates are not transferable. Plates and cab cards (or an Affidavit for Lost, Destroyed or Stolen Credentials) must be returned to Motor Carrier Services when deleted from the fleet.

Transfer Units

Complete the Additions section of the supplement application; be sure to have all documentation needed for vehicles that you are adding. Complete the Deletions section of the supplement with the units that are to be transferred. Make sure to indicate the reason the unit is to be removed.

To transfer registration fees, the plate (or an Affidavit for Lost, Destroyed or Stolen Credentials) and cab card for the deleted unit must be returned with the supplement. A new plate and cab card will be issued to the new unit.

Weight Increase

When changing the weight in a given jurisdiction during the registration year, a supplement application must be filed, indicating units and jurisdictions to be increased in the area provided. If you increase the weight in any jurisdiction over 55,000 lbs., enclose a copy of your receipted Form 2290.

Change of Ownership

When a vehicle currently registered remains in the same fleet, but has been sold to a new owner, Nebraska requires a completion supplement application. The supplement must be accompanied by a Nebraska Sales/Use Tax and Tire Fee Statement (Form 6), and title application for the new owner. The cost of change of ownership is $2.50 for a power unit and $1.00 for a trailer. A new cab card will be issued upon payment of fees. The plate number will remain the same.