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Kit vehicle means a motor vehicle or trailer assembled by a person other than a generally recognized manufacturer of motor vehicles or trailers by the use of a replica purchased from an authorized manufacturer and accompanied by a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (§60-335). (A Kit Vehicle does not include glider kits.) All major component parts must be new, if from a used vehicle, refer to Assembled Motor Vehicles

Once the vehicle has been completely assembled a Vehicle Inspection and an Assigned ID Number is required prior to issuance of a title. The vehicle and the supporting documentation (see below) must be presented to the local County Sheriff for an Vehicle Inspection which includes and examination of the vehicle, notation of the current odometer reading and a comparison of the VINs. To pass inspection, the VIN on the MSO’s must be found on the vehicle.

The fee for the Sheriff’s Inspection is $10.00. The Sheriff’s Inspection expires 90 days after the date of inspection.

An Assigned ID Number Application, along with a $20.00 fee, photocopies of all supporting documentation and the original of the Sheriff’s Inspection must be submitted to the Driver and Vehicle Records Division of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Once the Assigned ID Number plate is manufactured it is forwarded to the appropriate county official and the applicant is notified. After the new Assigned ID Number has been properly affixed to the vehicle, a title can be issued.

To obtain a Certificate of Title for an Kit Motor Vehicle the supporting documentation must be surrendered to the designated County Official along with an Application for Certificate of Title. The fee for issuance of a Certificate of Title is $10.00. Please contact your designated County Official for information regarding acceptable methods of payment

Supporting Documentation

  • Kit manufacturer’s MSO for kit purchased in it’s entirety;
  • OR Kit manufacturer’s MSOs and notarized bills of sale for all major component parts not included in the kit
  • AND Sworn Affidavit attesting to the fact that the Assigned ID Number has been properly riveted to the vehicle

The title for a Kit Motor Vehicle will show “Assembled” as the make and the year will be the year the vehicle was assembled.


Questions regarding Kit Motor Vehicles may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.