Front of a Semi-Truck icon Applying for IRP Registration

To register your apportioned vehicles in Nebraska you must:

  1. Title your vehicle in Nebraska if you are a Nebraska resident. If you are leasing on to a Nebraska based carrier, and you do not have a Nebraska title, you must provide a copy of your foreign title to the Nebraska DMV. (To download a Nebraska Title application and general information regarding Nebraska titles refer to the Division of Driver & Vehicle Records (DVR).
  2. Provide a Nebraska Sales/Use Tax and Tire Fee Statement (Form 6) for any newly purchased vehicles. If you are a common or contract carrier, you may be eligible for sales tax-exempt status. Apply for a sales tax-exemption number by making application to the Nebraska Department of Revenue (NE Sales Tax Exemption Form 5).
  3. If vehicle was previously county registered, provide a copy of the current registration.
  4. Submit a Nebraska Combined IRP/IFTA Application & Vehicle Listing (this is a large file and will take a few minutes to download, to avoid a time-out download file to your hard drive) completing red and black areas.
  5. Provide a receipted copy of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) filing (IRS Form 2290 Schedule I) if vehicle is over 55,000 lbs.

Nebraska DMV will calculate your apportioned registration fees and provide you with an invoice. Return the invoice and submit the appropriate fees (new carriers must pay by certified funds only). Upon payment, the Nebraska DMV will provide apportioned license plates and cab cards for each vehicle.


How do I File if I have No Actual Miles?

For a new account: If you have previous IRP history, enter the actual miles for the preceding year (July 1 - June 30) or portion thereof.

If you have no actual distance to report, Nebraska will calculate fees for all 59 member jurisctions using an average per vehicle distance chart (AVDC).

Average per vehicle distance vs. Actual Miles: In most cases, when establishing a fleet where the vehicles that make up the fleet, have been apportioned and accrued mileage during the July-June reporting period you will need to file those actual miles when applying for registration in Nebraska. Conversely, if you are establishing a fleet where the vehicles have not accrued mileage (ie. newly purchased vehicles) and you exercised no control over the vehicles during the reporting period, the average per vehicle distance chart should be used.

The establishment of a new fleet does not in itself allow the applicant to ignore previous mileage history and file the application the AVDC. When a vehicle(s) was leased to another apportioned carrier and that vehicle(s) is now seeking to establish a fleet, actual distance accrued during the reporting period should be used to establish the new fleet.

If you have questions regarding whether you should be filing actual or using the AVDC on your application, contact us. We realize there may be exceptions to the general rules described above. These exceptions will be scrutinized on a case-by-case basis.

Average Per Vehicle Distance Chart (AVDC): This chart was established by dividing the total miles in each jurisdiction, as reported by all Nebraska-based carriers reporting actual miles, by the total number of power units registered with that jurisdiction. The result is the average distance per unit. When a carrier has no actual distance to report, the AVDC must be used and fees paid to all 59 jurisdictions.


Average Per Vehicle Distance Chart (AVDC)

Jurisdiction Estimate
Alberta (AB) 46
Alabama (AL) 1,678
Arkansas (AR) 1,518
Arizona (AZ) 1,810
British Columbia (BC) 17
California (CA) 2,959
Colorado (CO) 2,298
Connecticut (CT) 419
Washington DC 3
Delaware (DE) 89
Florida (FL) 2,500
Georgia (G)A 2,937
Iowa (IA) 5,134
Idaho (ID) 579
Illinois (IL) 4,870
Indiana (IN) 3,166
Kansas (KS) 3,314
Kentucky (KY) 1,813
Louisiana (LA) 1,345
Massachusetts (MA) 534
Manitoba (MB) 13
Maryland (MD) 499
Maine (ME) 136
Michigan (MI) 889
Minnesota (MN) 1,049
Missouri (MO) 4,561
Mississippi (MS) 1,109
Montana (MT) 576
New Bruswick (NB) 1
North Carolina (NC) 1,640
North Dakota (ND) 402
Nebraska (NE) 11,723
New Hampshire (NH) 80
New Jersey (NJ) 533
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) 1
New Mexico (NM) 1,461
Nova Scotia (NS) 1
Nevada (NV) 986
New York (NY) 1,127
Ohio (OH) 3,729
Oklahoma (OK) 2,700
Ontario (ON) 220
Oregon (OR) 677
Pennsylvania (PA) 3,352
Prince Edward Island (PE) 1
Quebec (QC) 19
Rhode Island (RI) 36
South Carolina (SC) 1,177
South Dakota (SD) 1,325
Saskatchewan (SK) 37
Tennessee (TN) 2,569
Texas (TX) 6,080
Utah (UT) 1,425
Virginia (VA) 1,722
Vermont (VT) 93
Washington (WA) 405
Wisconsin (WI) 1,597
West Virginia (WV) 615
Wyoming (WY) 1,978
TOTAL 93,573