Front of a Semi-Truck icon Decals

Each licensee is issued a set of decals for each qualified vehicle in its fleet. One decal must be placed on the exterior portion of the cab's passenger side. The second decal must be placed in the same position on the driver's side. Decals are not truck specific.

In the case of transporter, manufacturers, dealers, or drive-away operations, the IFTA decal need not be permanently affixed but may be temporarily displayed in a visible manner on the cab's passenger side. In the case of buses, the decal may be located on the driver's side.

Decals are obtained annually at the time of renewal for all qualified motor vehicles based in Nebraska. The carrier throughout the year may obtain additional decals by mailing the request ( IFTA Additional Decal Application) in writing along with the applicable fee of $1.00 for each additional set.


How to Receive a Temporary Decal/Permit?

A temporary decal/permit is valid for a period of thirty (30) days and must be carried in the cab at all times, along with a copy of the IFTA license. Failure to carry the temporary decal/permit may subject the vehicle operator to purchase a trip permit and citation. To receive a temporary permit contact Motor Carrier Services at 402-471-4435.


IFTA Decal Inventory

You should be able to provide a complete inventory ( IFTA Decal Inventory Sheet) of all IFTA decals. If you purchase more decals than are used, these should be kept for audit purposes for a four-year period.