Front of a Semi-Truck icon Unladen Weight Permit (Hunter’s Permit)

Unladen weight permits are available to owner-operators who are no longer operating under lease to a Nebraska-based company. This permit allows the operation of a vehicle(s) at the unladen (empty) weight for a period of thirty (30) days or until the owner-operator leases to another carrier or registers the vehicles(s) in his/her name. These permits are available from the Motor Carrier Services Division upon request at 402-471-4435.

The Unladen Weight Permit is issued under the following regulations:

  1. Owner-operator must be previously leased to a Nebraska-based carrier.
  2. Valid only when the vehicle(s) is operating at the unladen (empty) weight.
  3. Valid for thirty (30) days; non-renewable.

Permit Fees

Item Fee
Power Unit $20.00
Power & Trailer Unit $40.00
Three or more in combination $60.00