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Vehicle Titles/Registration

How do I register my new vehicle?

Vehicles to be registered for the first time may be registered either in person or by mail. For first time registration, the following documents must be presented to the County Treasurer:

  1. Proof of Financial Responsibility (Insurance). Proof must be in the form of an original document. Photocopies are not acceptable. For specific information regarding Financial Responsibility, refer to Insurance Requirements;
  2. Proof that sales or excise tax has been paid;
  3. A copy of the signed lease agreement, if the vehicle is a leased vehicle.

How do I obtain a salvaged title?

For information on salvage titles visit:

How do I change my name on my vehicle registration?

Visit your local county treasurer to update your name on your Vehicle Registration. 

How do I change my address on my car registration?

Visit your local county treasurer to update your address on your Vehicle Registration. 

How can I renew my vehicle registration?

Motor vehicle registrations may be renewed either online, by mail or in person at your county location.

Do I need to register my electric scooter?

No. Review the list of vehicles exempt from registration in Nebraska.

Do boats need to be registered?

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission regulates the registration of motorboats in the State of Nebraska. Actual registration of a motorboat is conducted by the County Treasurer in the county in which the owner of the motorboat resides, or in the case of a non-resident any County Treasurer’s office. Please refer to the County Officials Listing for the location of County Treasurer offices in Nebraska.