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Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

How do I change my address on my commercial drivers license?

Your address must be updated within 60 days of your address change.  Update your address online or visit a driver's licensing location to make the updates to your CDL.

How do I apply for a commercial drivers license?

You must first obtain your Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP). The CLP is a precondition to the initial issuance of the Commercial Driver's License. 

Can I use my state CDL anywhere in the United States?

Your type of CDL license determines whether you can use your CDL outside of Nebraska.  Learn more information about CDL.

Can I renew my commercial drivers license online?

You are able to renew your Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL) online.

You can find out if you are eligible to renew a Nebraska Commercial Driver License by entering your information into the online application. For specific information regarding qualification requirements, read more about the Nebraska Driver License on the Nebraska DMV website.