Nebraska DMV Initiates Program to Protect Citizens from Unwarranted Tolling and Parking Notices

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is announcing proactive steps to protect Nebraska residents from receiving erroneous notices of outstanding tolls and fines from out-of-state government agencies.

The current county specific license plates issued for farm and commercial vehicles contain a numerical sequence which may be the same numerical sequence on more than five different plate types.

Nebraska DMV Announces Launch of Online Change of Address Service

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles has launched a significant enhancement to an existing online service making it easier for Nebraskans to do business with the State of Nebraska.  Holders of Nebraska Driver Licenses and Identifications Cards can now update their address online from their computer, tablet or phone. In two weeks 1,100 drivers have already used the application reflecting unprecedented success.

Nebraska Drivers Can Now Receive Text and Email Notifications for Vehicle Renewals

Nebraska vehicle owners can now sign up for email and text notifications reminding them to renew their vehicle registrations, eliminating the need for the paper notice.

Launched on December 1, 2008, the online vehicle registration application has allowed more than a million Nebraskans to renew their vehicles online. With the addition of the eNotice application, receiving a notice through a preferred digital device makes renewals more cost efficient and expedient.

Nebraska DMV Combats No.1 Cause of Teen Deaths: Car Crashes

Nebraska DMV and The Parent's Supervised Driving Program Celebrate Parents during National Teen Driver Safety Week

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and The Parent's Supervised Driving Program announced today support for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) "5 to Drive" campaign. The campaign encourages parents  to talk to their teen drivers about one critical safe driving practice each day during National Teen Driver Safety Week.