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October 18, 2019


VicToRy Launch A Great Success


LINCOLN – Deployed earlier this week, initial signs are the VicToRy system launch has gone as anticipated, with only minor issues for resolution. In order to mitigate any obstacles, additional teammates from FAST Enterprises, the vendor, were deployed in five counties (Douglas, Lancaster, Sarpy, Hall, and Dodge) to assist users. The two largest counties, Douglas and Lancaster, have reported a successful roll out, with positive feedback being received from across the state. Over 36,000 transactions have been completed already, with $8 million dollars in revenue collected.


“The first week of the new VicToRy system has gone as anticipated, with my team successfully serving 12,475 customers,” said John Ewing, Douglas County Treasurer. “Through my plan to commit appropriate resources to train and prepare my team for the modernized system, I was able to ensure the people of Douglas County were served without significant interruption. We anticipated some issues during our first week, but having well-trained and prepared staff has enabled us to overcome these minor obstacles.”


The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) facilitated multiple training events throughout the state, with a training environment available for users to practice using the modernized system. During the two months the training environment was available, almost 32,000 test transactions were completed statewide.


“I would especially like to thank all of our County Treasurers for committing the time and resources necessary to make the modernized system as success,” said Rhonda Lahm, Director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. “Their commitment to preparing their teams has reaped dividends in how smoothly the VicToRy deployment has gone. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with County Treasurer teams as we continue to build and improve the modernized system.”