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May 28, 2019


Appointment System Reduces DMV Wait Times


LINCOLN – If you need to take a (Class O) car drive test at the DMV, and want to be served quickly, then the online appointment service is the choice for you. Launched at the start of the year, 3,495 customers have taken advantage of the new option. Using the service means customers do not need to wait in line for a drive test appointment. Applicants just need to arrive at the DMV 15 minutes before their scheduled time and they can take their drive test right away. The service is available in the Lincoln and Omaha metro area offices, and is available to customers who have already passed the written portion of their test.


“We are excited the online appointment system for car drive tests has eliminated wait times for many of our customers, allowing them to choose an appointment which fits their schedule,” said Rhonda Lahm, Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles. “We are constantly seeking ways to make the services we provide more efficient and customer focused, and being able to make an appointment online, is another step to making a visit to the DMV as efficient as possible. We intend to expand the online appointment system to other types of services, such as renewals and address changes, later this year.”


The DMV will continue to offer walk in appointments in the Lincoln and Omaha metro area offices, but availability is not guaranteed. If a customer wants to ensure they can take their car drive test, the best approach is to book online.


“We are encouraged to see the number of people taking advantage of the online appointment service,” said Sara O’Rourke, Administrator of the Driver Licensing Services Division. “As we move into the summer months demand for car drive tests increases. Using the online service will help eliminate wait times for these applicants and guarantee their appointment.”


Online appointment services for relevant Lincoln and Omaha offices can be found at