Folded Newspaper icon Nebraska Drivers Can Now Receive Text and Email Notifications for Vehicle Renewals

Nebraska vehicle owners can now sign up for email and text notifications reminding them to renew their vehicle registrations, eliminating the need for the paper notice.

Launched on December 1, 2008, the online vehicle registration application has allowed more than a million Nebraskans to renew their vehicles online. With the addition of the eNotice application, receiving a notice through a preferred digital device makes renewals more cost efficient and expedient.

“Whether our drivers are from the rural or urban areas of Nebraska, we want to provide every convenience for our drivers to save time and resources. The online renewal eNotice application provides drivers with a renewal notification and enables users to open their renewal and immediately renew for another year,” stated DMV Director Rhonda Lahm.

The eNotice application is editable allowing the user to change or delete their email and/or mobile phone contact information. In addition cancelling the service to return to the paper process is also an option. Nebraskans can cut down on paper clutter and expedite their vehicle renewal process using the eNotice application which can be found by selecting the Vehicle Services link on and Sign Up for eNotice.


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