Folded Newspaper icon Nebraska DMV Reveals New Driver License and ID Card Design

Nebraska DMV Reveals New Driver License and ID Card Design

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles announced at a press conference Wednesday that it will begin issuing new drivers licenses and state ID cards this month.

The license and ID cards feature new designs and colors that represent the state’s natural and man-made features. Depicted on the front of each card are Jail and Courthouse Rocks near Bridgeport, which highlight the rural prairies of western Nebraska, and the State Capitol Building and skyline of downtown Lincoln, which highlight the urban centers of eastern Nebraska. On the back of the card are sandhill cranes, which migrate to the river valleys of central Nebraska annually.

Additionally, the new designs also allow for more advanced security measures to prevent fraud, making them the most secure driver licenses and IDs on the market today.

“These new driver licenses and identification documents are sleek, modern, and have enhanced security features that protect the identity of Nebraskans and aid law enforcement in tracking frauds and counterfeiters,” said Rhonda Lahm, Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

While the new card rollout will begin in June, all licenses and ID cards with the previous design are still valid according to the expiration date on the document. There is no need to renew or order a replacement until the document expires. Anyone eligible for online renewal will still have that eligibility after the new card production has begun.

“It is important to note that documents with the old design will remain valid and in circulation until 2026,” said Sara O’Rourke, Administrator of the Driving Licensing Services Division. “Those who have a card with the previous design and features will still be able to use their card for all its intended purposes without interruption until it reaches its expiration date.”

The Nebraska DMV last unveiled a new design in 2009 and introduces new licenses and ID cards every 10-15 years to increase security. The new documents are made in partnership with Idemia.

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