Folded Newspaper icon Nebraska DMV and The Parent's Supervised Driving Program Support Global Youth Traffic Safety Month

Thousands of teens and organizations from across the United States will focus on youth traffic  safety during Global Youth Traffic Safety Month. The Nebraska DMV and The Parent's Supervised Driving Program support this initiative, which was created in an effort  to encourage parental involvement in the teen driving Learner's Permit phase. The Program provides a resource to help parents make sure their teens are fully prepared to drive alone,once they receive their provisional license.

Nebraska DMV Director Rhonda Lahm says,"Safe driving habits learned as a teen can prove beneficial for a lifetime. Driving safely is truly a critical life skill and parents play a pivotal role in teaching and modeling this life skill to their teens."

Sponsorship support from State Farm® and Cenex allows the Nebraska DMV to provide this valuable resource to parents at no cost to families or taxpayers. Parents and teens are encouraged to download from the App Store, the Program's free mobile app, RoadReady, to easily and accurately track the time they spend together behind the wheel. "We appreciate their sponsorship which allows us to make these tools available to Nebraska residents." said Director Rhonda Lahm.

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month addresses the number  one cause of death for youth in our nation, vehicular crashes. Every year,over 6,000 youth die in crashes. Many of these collisions are caused by avoidable behavior. Youth and parents can take specific actions to assure that teens get the right experience to become safer drivers.

"Parents have a great influence over the way their teens drive," says Jeff Larson, President of Safe Roads Alliance and publisher of The Parent's Supervised Driving Program. "The Learner's Permit phase is the last and best chance for parents to have a positive impact, and the guide and mobile app provide the tools that can help."

Steps teens can take to be safe on the roads include:

  • Wear a seat belt- EVERY RIDE, EVERY TIME
  • Drive at or below the speed limit
  • Limit the number of passengers in their car
  • Pull over to make a call or text a friend
  • Avoid drowsy driving by getting enough rest
  • NEVER get in a car with ANYONE who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol


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