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July 1, 2019

                                                A Look Inside the New Driver Licensing Office

LINCOLN – This time last year, it took over 30 minutes to renew a driver’s license or state identification card in north Omaha. Every day, customers were seated in a packed room, waiting to be served. Two weeks ago, the State Department of Motor Vehicles replaced the Florence location with a new office, located just north of 56th & Ames. The new state office, situated in a renovated building at 4606 N 56th Street, Suite 100, has greatly reduced wait times for customers. Customers will have a much more spacious waiting area, although with an average wait time of only 4.5 minutes, they won’t be waiting around for long. In contrast to June 2018, this is an 85% reduction. Feedback from customers has been extremely positive with nearly 90% positive feedback being provided through the in-office customer service terminals.

“Improving the service we provide to our customers is a priority for us at the DMV,” said Sara O’Rourke, Driver Licensing Services Administrator. “Taking steps to tackle long wait times is essential to improving the satisfaction of our customers. We are excited about this continued transformation in the Omaha metro.”

Written and drive tests are not conducted at the express station. Instead, the office focuses on providing a location for customers to renew, replace, or update their address quickly. Titling and registration services will still be provided by the Douglas County Treasurer’s office, located at 7414 N 30th Street.

“We are so pleased to have seen such a significant improvement in wait times in such a short period of time,” said Peggy Havener, Driver Licensing District Supervisor. “The new express station is the fastest way for customers to renew or replace their driver license, apart from our online services.”

Online services, such as driver license renewals and reinstatements; driver license address changes; vehicle registration renewals; specialty plate orders, and commercial carrier trip permits can be found at