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Customer Centric Driver License Service Center Opening in Metro Area


LINCOLN, NE – April 24, 2018 – The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is excited to announce the opening of a new Driver License Service Center in the Omaha metro area.  The center will open April 30th and is located at 4502 Maass Road in Bellevue, Nebraska. 


The DMV is eager to serve our customers in the new facility designed from a customer centric perspective.  “We are happy to be able to provide Nebraskans a more efficient process to do business with the Department of Motor Vehicles,” says Rhonda Lahm, Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles.  “Customers will be served in one transaction rather than the current bifurcated process involving both DMV staff and the County Treasurer’s Office to receive their document.”


The new office will be a full service facility.  “Our goal of having the center available to the public by the spring of 2018 has been achieved and we are looking forward to serving our customers in the new facility,” says Sara O’Rourke, Driver License Administrator for the Department of Motor Vehicles. “This milestone was reached as a result of the cooperative efforts between the City of Bellevue, the contractor and the building owner; and the hard work of my staff.”      


The new DMV facility, located just off of Highway 370 between 42nd and 48th streets is easy to access.  The service center will merge the driver licensing services currently provided at the Sarpy County Courthouse and the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office at 4208 South 50th Street in Omaha.  “The transition to the new facility will be taking place over the Arbor Day holiday weekend to minimize impact on our customers,” says Rhonda Lahm.  Driver licensing services will no longer be available at these two locations beginning April 26th.  All other services remain the same.   


To ensure adequate services for all residents of the metropolitan area, steps are being taken to provide two additional service center in the Omaha area.