Car icon What's on a Driver Record

The Following Information Appears on a Driving Record

Record Holder Identification Information

  • Name (aka’s if applicable);
  • Date of Birth;
  • Driver’s License Status;
  • Physical Address (Mailing address if applicable);
  • Physical description of driver’s license holder (sex, race, height, weight, eyes color, hair color);
  • County of residence;
  • CDL Medical and Self-Certification Information(CDL employers only).

Driving License/Permit/ID Card Information

  • Driver’s License, Permit or ID Card Number;
  • License class;
  • County of issuance;
  • Date of issuance;
  • Date of expiration;
  • Restrictions;
  • Endorsements;

Driving Record

(this section will appear blank if there are no convictions or withdrawals)

  • Convictions/Administrative Adjudications;
  • Administrative Withdrawals.


For detailed explanation of terms used on a driving record, refer to Reading and Understanding a Driving Record.