Car icon Storage and Non-Use Registration

If a vehicle has not been driven or parked on a public highway in the State of Nebraska for at least a full registration period, the owner of the vehicle is not required to pay the registration fees for the period of time the vehicle was stored and not used.

The vehicle must have been stored and not used for at least one full year since the expiration of the last registration. Newly acquired vehicles that have not been driven at any time prior to registration also qualify for Storage and Non-use for the previous months of non-use.

The individual(s) making application for registration must present an affidavit in the form of a written statement, explaining where, when and for how long the vehicle was stored. The signed affidavit must also contain a statement attesting to the fact that the vehicle was not driven on the highways of the State of Nebraska during the time specified by the applicant as the storage and non-use period.

The  Affidavit for Storage and Non-Use is then submitted to the County Treasurer at the registration issuing site (if uncertain of your designated registration issuing site location, refer to County Treasurer).

Once the County Treasurer approves the affidavit, a registration will be issued. The registration period for the vehicle begins when the registration is issued.


Questions regarding Storage and Non-Use may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.