Car icon Snowmobile Registration

A Snowmobile is a self-propelled motor vehicle designed to travel on snow, ice or natural terrain. It is steered by wheels, skis or runners and propelled by a track with or without steel cleats.

A Snowmobile is required to be registered in the State of Nebraska unless it is being operated entirely on the owner’s property.

To register a Snowmobile you must submit an  Application for Snowmobile Registration and Decal to the county registration issuance site. If you are uncertain of the location of the registration issuing site in your county, refer to the County Treasurer Listings.

Along with the registration you will be issued a decal. This decal must be placed on the upper right half of the snowmobile hood.

The fee for a Snowmobile registration and decal is $16.00 and is valid for two years. Please contact your County Treasurer for information regarding acceptable methods of payment.

The registration expires on the last day of September two years after the year of issuance. Snowmobile registrations issued in July of 2006 would expire on the last day of September 2007. (July 2006 to September 2006 = 1 year; September 2006 to September 2007 = 1 year, for a total of two years.)


Questions regarding Snowmobile Registrations may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.