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Passenger Vehicles

Non-Residents of the State of Nebraska who own a vehicle that is properly registered in their home state and displays the appropriate license plates may operate the vehicle in the this state for thirty (30) days without registering the vehicle or paying any fees in this state.

After they have been present in the State of Nebraska for thirty (30) or more continuous days they must register the vehicle in the same manner as a resident of the state.

EXCEPTION -- If Nebraska has reciprocity (a cooperative exchange of rights and privileges) with the home state of the Non-Resident; the plates displayed on the vehicle will be valid in Nebraska until they expire. Upon expiration, the owner of the vehicle will be required to register the vehicle in Nebraska.

Nebraska currently shares reciprocity with two states:

  • State of North Carolina
  • State of Wyoming

For information about how to register a vehicle in the State of Nebraska, refer to Vehicle Registrations.

Non-Residents of Nebraska that have purchased a vehicle in this state and would like information regarding methods of transporting the vehicle to your home state, please refer to Non-Resident 30-Day License Plates.

Buses and Trucks

It is not necessary for the owner of a Non-Resident truck or bus to obtain a Nebraska Certificate of Title, but the vehicle must be currently licensed in their home state. Owners of this type of vehicle must register the vehicle in Nebraska in the same manner as Nebraska residents.

The registration fees and taxes are paid to the County Treasurer in the first county upon entry into Nebraska. If you are uncertain of the location of the appropriate County Treasurer, refer to the County Officials Listing.

The fees and taxes are paid for a full twelve-month period, however, if the plates and registration are surrendered within 90 days after the date of initial registration, the registrant is entitled to a fifty (50) percent refund of the Motor Vehicle Tax, Motor Vehicle Fee and registration fees paid. Refer to Registration Refunds and Credits for additional information.

Military Personnel

An individual is considered military personnel if he or she is:

  • a member of the armed forces of the United States serving in this state in compliance with military or naval orders;
  • a person in the U.S. Public Health Service designated a “Commissioned Officer” in uniform services with orders;
  • the spouse of a member of the armed forces of the United States serving in this state in compliance with military or naval orders.

Military personnel stationed at a military base or any one of the various recruiting services in Nebraska and who have not established legal residence in Nebraska, may continue to operate their vehicle(s) with current out-of-state license plates or may obtain current Nebraska license plates.

Legal residence is defined as the establishment of a permanent home, where the individual is habitually present and where, when they depart, there is intent to return. Registration to vote or payment of income tax in Nebraska is considered evidence of the intent of a person to establish legal residence in this state.

To qualify for the issuance of plates as Non-Resident Military Personnel, the applicant must be able to furnish to the County Treasurer of the county in Nebraska where the vehicle has situs the following:

  • A current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES);
  • Legal evidence of ownership issued in their name or a certified photocopy in the form of one of following:
    • Assigned foreign Certificate of Title;
    • Nebraska Certificate of Title;
    • Manufacturer's Statement of Origin;
    • Importer's Certificate;
    • License Registration Certificate.

Upon receipt of satisfactory proof, military personnel are exempt from payment of motor vehicle tax.

Military personnel are not eligible for a refund of license fees unless the vehicle is sold and the plates and registration are surrendered.


Individuals attending school in Nebraska on a full-time basis (at least 12 credit hours or certified as full-time in a graduate program) and whose vehicles are currently registered in their home state do not have to register their vehicle in Nebraska.

Students should have their Student Identification Cards in their possession at all times when operating the motor vehicle in the event they are asked by law enforcement to produce evidence of their student status.


Questions regarding Non-Resident Motor Vehicle Registrations may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.