Car icon Livestock Forage Permit

Livestock Forage vehicles are defined as vehicles with a chassis that has a special implement bolted, mounted or attached for loading, unloading and moving livestock forage (feed).

These vehicles must meet the following dimension restrictions:

  • Cannot exceed a length of sixty-five (65) feet, extreme overall dimensions inclusive of bumpers and load;
  • Cannot exceed a width of eighteen (18) feet;
  • Cannot exceed a height of eighteen (18) feet, either for equipment alone or for equipment and load combined;

Vehicles that exceed these restrictions are required to obtain a Livestock Forage Permit.

The permit allows the vehicle to carry loads twenty feet wide in their county of residence and adjacent counties. The permit holder is required to keep record of all activity covered by the permit for law enforcement review. The record must include dates, items moved, route and other pertinent information.

Livestock Forage Permit Fees

Valid Fee
One calendar year $10.00

This permit is obtained from the County Sheriff in the county where the individual resides.

Livestock Forage vehicles are restricted to:

  • Operation during hours of daylight;
  • Twenty-five (25) miles per hour in any residential or business district;
  • Fifty (50) miles per hour while operating on a highway or freeway.

All loads must be securely fastened to the vehicle at all times. Any damage to other persons or property, including cleaning of forage dropped from the vehicle is the responsibility of the person operating the vehicle.


Questions regarding Livestock Forage Permits may be addressed by email or by phone at (402) 471-3918.